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"Avicenna-2" residential complex


сдан: 2015

55,599 m2

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О проекте

Currently, the company is working on the third construction stage of "AVICENNA-2" multifunctional residential complex, equipped with elevated and underground heated parking.

The first and second stages were commissioned in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

Considering the importance of not only external comfort, but also the safety of your residential property, environmentally friendly materials and natural resources are used in the construction of “AVICENNA-2” residential complex.

The new residential complex meets all the requirements of the modern world, when it is especially important to be able to truly relax when returning home after a busy day, with its pace and intensity: there are plenty of daylight and fresh air, automated systems for efficient ventilation and maintaining a comfortable temperature, and application of energy efficient technologies. All this is intended to make the new residential complex truly comfortable.